Certifications and Memberships

OWF products are certified by various organic certifying bodies such as the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA) in Australia and Organic Certification Nepal (OCN) organization in Nepal. OWF is a member of Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG) and Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG).


National Certification of Sustainable Agriculture (NASAA)

Formed in 1986, The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) is a leading organic certifier – focused on providing quality, cost efficient organic certification services. With operations both in Australia and Overseas, the company provides certification and inspection services, which assist in facilitating market access throughout the world for NASAA certified organic product. For more details about NASAA please visit the website: www.nasaa.com.au

Organic Certification Nepal (OCN)

The Nepali national certifying body, Organic Certification Nepal (OCN), is an institution that issues third-party organic certification and is affiliated with the Certification Alliance Bangkok. It aims to enhance market access, deliver economic and social incentives to the producer, assure quality food products to the consumer and positively contribute to the health of ecosystems. OCN has been involved in organic certification in the domestic and international market since 2007. For more details about OCN please visit the Certification Alliance at website: www.certificationalliance.org

Nepal Permaculture Group

Established in 1992, Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG) has been working and promoting effective networks among individuals and organizations dedicated to the field of sustainable agriculture, sustainable development and permaculture. For more details about NPG please visit the website: http://npg.org.np

Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG)

Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG), a member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), is a member-based Nepali NGO engaged in the promotion of bfair trade products. The organization aims to enhance solidarity at the national, regional and international levels to further the Fair Trade movement – defined as a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seek greater equity in international trade. For more information about FTG please visit the website: http://fairtradegroupnepal.org

Mountain Partnership (FAO United Nations) - as of Oct. 2017

Founded in 2002, the Mountain Partnership addresses the challenges facing mountain regions by tapping the wealth and diversity of resources, knowledge, infromation and expertise, from and between its members, in order to stimulate concrete initiatives at all levels that will ensure improved quality of life and environments in the world’s mountain regions. For more information about the Mountain Partnership, please visit the website: http://www.fao.org/mountain-partnership/en/