About Us

Organic World and Fair Future (OWF) is an eco-social private limited company. It was established in February 2008 by a group of members with more than two decades of experience in Permaculture and Organic agriculture. Involved in pro-poor value chain development of organic products with inclusive business approach, the company is a member of Fair Trade Group Nepal and Nepal Permaculture Group.

OWF has been continually recognized, most recently in June 2016, when it was ranked by the government of Nepal and other key stack holders as one of the top model industries of Nepal and acknowledged as a driver of prosperity.

To learn about the certifications that OWF holds please check our Certified Memberships section of the website.

Our Goal

To create demand for organic products and services and to provide excellent customer service to clients. OWF will strive to be consistently innovated with its product development and to work to achieve its goal of providing the highest quality of product and services to customers.

Our Mission

OWF’s mission is to provide customers high quality organic products and to contribute to social, environmental and economic sustainability in a responsible manner.

Our Objectives

  1. To trade organic products through both retail and wholesale in local, national and international markets while adhering to the principles of permaculture, organic agriculture and fair trade.
  2. To coordinate individuals, development organizations and private sectors involved in permaculture, organic farming, natural resource management and eco-tourism for promotion and marketing.
  3. To design and conduct training and educational programs.
  4. To provide consultancy services on organic agriculture, permaculture and rural development.

Our Approach

OWF has been facilitating a pro-poor inclusive value chain development of specific commodities through networks, by increasing the capacity of cooperatives and entrepreneurs and by linking producers to buyers, such as supermarket chains in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other major cities.

The four main pillars of OWF approach to working are:

  • Building direct relationships with partners, groups and cooperatives.
  • Focused philanthropy to uplift the socio-economic status of poor and marginalized producers.
  • Creating value for the nation by contributing to the nation’s economy.
  • Management based on esteem for putting people first and human dignity.

Our Partners

OWF has partnered with local private companies, co-operatives, groups and international agencies such as:

  • BROT/ EED Germany
  • SONAD Berlin German
  • PACT (A value chain development project of Ministry of agriculture development Government of Nepal and World Bank)
  • Non-Governmental Groups (NGOs),
  • Farmers’ Groups/ Cooperatives
  • GAIA University USA
  • Uniterra/CECI Canada
  • Organic Alliance Malaysia
  • SNV Nepal
  • OXFAM Nepal
  • IM Nepal
  • FAO, associated with mountain partnership
  • Human Welfare Nepal, Malekhu, Dhading
  • Grolink Sweden
  • Bio-Fungi Switzerland

Fair Trade Group

OWF is a member of Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG) and Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG).